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StrongView Systems Receives Equity Funding from Sequoia Capital and Evercore Ventures

Sequoia's Mark Kvamme and Evercore's Sangam Pant Join Board of Directors

Los Angeles, CA — March 15, 2004 — StrongView Systems, an email infrastructure company dedicated to redefining the way businesses create and deliver electronic customer communications, today announced that Sequoia Capital and Evercore Ventures have invested $6 million in the company. Sequoia's Mark Kvamme and Evercore Venture's Sangam Pant have been named to StrongView's Board of Directors.

StrongView will use the financing to expand its capabilities to meet the demand of Global 2000 companies who are seeking comprehensive, cost effective solutions for building or improving enterprise-grade email generation and delivery systems.

"Although email has become ubiquitous, its full potential for customer communications and retention, brand extension and revenue generation has not been realized. With this infusion of capital, StrongView is well positioned to provide comprehensive, cost effective solutions," said Frank Addante, co-founder and CEO, StrongView Systems. "We are gratified that Sequoia and Evercore recognize StrongView's leadership role in developing enterprise grade email infrastructure software that will transform the way companies communicate electronically and we are very pleased that Mark Kvamme and Sangam Pant will be joining our board."

email services spending is a billion dollar plus market, fueled by companies seeking superior electronic customer communications that will allow them to decrease traditional business costs while increasing revenue. The market has been hampered by its reliance on expensive, proprietary development and outsourcing. We believe that StrongView is positioned to establish a much needed industry standard for enterprise-grade email infrastructure software, which will fuel the transition to more cost effective customer communication." said Kvamme, Sequoia.

"Frank Addante brings strong entrepreneurial skills to StrongView," said Pant, Evercore. "He has an impressive track record for technology innovation, having invented the adMonitor™, one of the Internet's top marketing and email delivery software applications for the Global 2000, as well as well as a history of starting and building companies one of which resulted in an initial public offering and two others were acquired. We believe StrongView has identified a market with huge growth potential."

StrongView has developed the world's first integrated, comprehensive, enterprise-grade email infrastructure software platform — StrongView Enterprise, an email application server. This revolutionary advance simplifies the development and maintenance of complex custom messaging applications and broadly expands the functionality and effectiveness of business email systems.

A flexible solution for building a new electronic customer communication system, integrating or enhancing current systems, StrongView Enterprise ensures maximum delivery success rates at unparalleled speeds. StrongView Enterprise systems employ a state-of-the-art message transfer agent combined with sophisticated middleware to simply the development process as well as on-going operations.

This solution enables companies to blend existing assets such as CRM and commerce systems, web sites, content management systems and reporting platforms to create highly sophisticated customer communications.

About Sequoia Capital

Since 1972, Sequoia Capital has provided startup venture capital for very smart people who want to turn ideas into companies. As the "Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs," Sequoia Capital's Partners have worked with innovators such as Sandy Lerner and Len Bozack of Cisco Systems, Jerry Yang and David Filo of Yahoo!, Gaurav Garg of Redback Networks, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Dan Warmenhoven of Network Appliance, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel of PayPal (eBay), T.J. Rodgers of Cypress Semiconductor, Lou Tomasetta of Vitesse Semiconductor, Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Larry Ellison of Oracle. The companies organized by Sequoia Capital now account for about 10% of the value of NASDAQ. To learn more about Sequoia Capital visit

About Evercore Ventures

Evercore Ventures (EV) is an information technology venture fund. Evercore's venture investing benefits from its proven investment discipline, analytical capabilities and relationships. This is coupled with technological experience and company building expertise derived from a team that embodies diverse experience and skill sets. As with its other businesses the venture business also revolves around Evercore's relationships. EV invests in areas that allow it to leverage its relationship and knowledge network, or it teams up with proven leaders it knows and with whom it can tackle a new business opportunity. Areas of particular interest include new ventures in wireless and wireline communications, storage, enterprise software and technology enabled services.

About StrongView Systems, Inc.

StrongView Systems, the innovation leader in email infrastructure software, is the only company that has solved the email challenge at its core, thereby empowering businesses to fix, enhance and extend their email communications. StrongView Systems has pioneered the email application server - the industry's first complete, fully integrated infrastructure solution for outbound email. Companies use StrongView software to email-enable disparate business assets, and deliver marketing messages, order confirmations, and other transactional communications seamlessly and in real-time. StrongView is application agnostic and easily integrates with CRM, e-commerce and financial applications, as well as custom developed solutions to unlock the potential of email for enterprises, service providers and ISV's. Founded in 2002, StrongView Systems is privately held and funded by Globespan Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital and Evercore Ventures. The Company is headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, and can be found on the Web at

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