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StrongView Survey Reveals Industry Shift Towards Lifecycle Marketing Programs

Nearly half of companies are currently running automated, event-triggered lifecycle email marketing programs and another quarter plan to within 24 months

Redwood City, Calif., June 14, 2011 – StrongView, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email marketing and social media, today announced the results of its "2011 Lifecycle Email Marketing Survey," which shows rapid adoption of automated lifecycle marketing programs, signaling a shift away from untargeted outbound campaigns. Conducted in June 2011, more than 1,000 email marketing executives participated in the global survey.

Lifecycle marketing is defined as profiling a customer's relationships with a company or brand over time in order for marketers to reach them more effectively with multi-stage, event-triggered messaging.  The return on investment from these types of programs is significant. According to the Gartner April 2011 report "Top 7 CRM Marketing Processes for 2011," marketers can expect a 600% lift in campaign performance over traditional outbound programs by adopting event-triggered techniques.

Lifecycle Marketing Adoption
According to StrongView’s survey, 46% of businesses have already implemented some form of lifecycle email program, and of those not currently running programs, 58% plan to in the next 24 months. The Travel & Hospitality, Retail, and Technology industries lead adoption with 63%, 62%, and 58% of businesses currently leveraging some form of lifecycle marketing in their email programs, respectively.  At 37%, the Financial Services industry shows the least amount of adoption.

Welcome programs are the most popular lifecycle marketing programs, with 78% of companies reporting usage, followed by Post-Purchase (45%) and Cross/Upsell (44%) programs.  Only 26% of respondents report running cart abandonment programs, but that number jumps to 57% within the Retail vertical specifically.  68% of retailers are also leveraging post-purchase lifecycle programs (product reviews, satisfaction surveys, etc.), versus the 45% average across all verticals.

Benefits of Lifecycle Email Marketing
The vast majority of companies running lifecycle email programs (75%) report that they outperform batch-and-blast, outbound email programs. When asked to identify the main benefits of an event-triggered, lifecycle email marketing program, 67% of respondents reported increased subscriber engagement as the top benefit, followed by lift in campaign performance (55%), increased customer satisfaction/retention (54%) and increased revenue (46%).

Obstacles to Implementing Lifecycle Email Marketing Programs
For the 51% of respondents not currently running lifecycle email programs, the top reasons why included lack of budget/resources (38%), lack of tools/technology (26%) and inability to access the customer data needed to power these programs (16%).  The ability to easily create and manage programs is another factor curbing adoption, as 57% of this same group said they would leverage lifecycle marketing if they had a tool with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. This data point underscores the importance of StrongView's new Lifecycle Marketing solution, also announced today in a separate release.

"Marketers are quickly realizing that batch-and-blast email marketing is no longer effective," said Scott Ollivier, vice president of products at StrongView. "To stand out in the inbox, marketers must evolve and speed their adoption of lifecycle marketing programs. With the release of StrongView's new drag-and-drop Lifecycle Marketing solution and corresponding strategic, creative and implementation services, StrongView is making it easy for companies of all sizes to adopt this powerful technique."

Survey Highlights

  • 46% of businesses are running automated, event-triggered lifecycle marketing programs
  • 58% of businesses not currently running lifecycle marketing programs plan to within 24 months
  • 67% of businesses cite increased subscriber engagement as top benefit; 55% increased campaign performance; 54% increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • 75% of businesses report that lifecycle marketing programs outperform outbound email programs
  • 38% of businesses report lack of budget/resources as top inhibitor to adoption; 26% lack of tools and/or technology; 16% data integration

Survey Data
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