Company Overview

A Different Approach to Cross-Channel Marketing

At StrongView, we love helping marketers connect with customers in meaningful and profitable ways. “Connecting” with customers means more today than ever before. The possibilities and complexities of what, when, where and how to connect are both exciting and daunting. Email, mobile, social, web and display all provide opportunities to connect, but they must be used together – cooperatively – to bring about the desired result.

That’s what we do at StrongView. We provide marketers with the technology, services and know-how to develop and manage effective cross-channel marketing programs. We start with an enterprise-class email marketing platform that is second to none, and extend it with a cross-channel campaign designer that lets marketers weave in social, mobile, web and display-ad elements to create an automated lifecycle experience for their customers.

But technology without know-how is … well … just technology. We bring our technology to life with an expert services team that offers strategy, creative and campaign execution services for marketers who need a little, or a lot of help.

Having said all that, StrongView has a fundamentally different model from other marketing platform providers that offers the following advantages for your business:

Cross-Channel Orchestration
All top-tier ESPs claim they have solutions for email, mobile, social and other consumer marketing channels, but most of the time that means operating a series of individual messaging silos. StrongView enables true-cross-channel orchestration to easily coordinate campaigns across all customer touch points.

Drag-and-Drop Lifecycle Marketing
Lifecycle marketing functionality is only as good as a marketer's ability to use it (without help from IT). StrongView’s innovative lifecycle campaign designer lets enterprise marketers easily create, test and deploy multi-step cross-channel lifecycle campaigns that are optimized in real-time based on engagement.

Direct Access to Enterprise Data
When it comes to data access, don't settle for anything less than real time. StrongView offers direct connections to legacy CRM solutions and other data sources to enable real-time access and reintegration of customer data. With our flexible data model, you can finally get access to all of your upstream systems.

Your Own System
Each and every StrongView client gets their own dedicated campaign management and execution system that is not shared with any other client. This unique arrangement gives each client unlimited control and unparalleled performance to deliver the world’s largest sending volumes in the smallest target delivery windows.

On-Premise or On-Demand Solutions
Only StrongView gives you the flexibility to leverage our solutions in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Whether you choose to deploy our solutions behind your firewall for maximum security, or access them on-demand in a world-class cloud environment, you get the same dedicated technology – plus the flexibility to easily switch between environments as business needs change.

Budget Optimization
Instead of charging CPM fees that penalize companies for growing their database, StrongView offers brands the widest array of purchase options for maximizing their investment. From a perpetual license with unlimited sending capacity to a competitively priced subscription model, we allow you to spend more of your budget on things that matter – like data integration, analytics, strategy and creative.

A Stronger Way
For additional information on StrongView's email marketing and cross-channel marketing solutions call (650) 421-4255 or contact StrongView online.