Email Marketing Integrity Pledge

Our Commitment to
the Integrity of Email

Issues such as spam and phishing have plagued email marketing for years. StrongView takes its leadership role in the email industry seriously and remains committed to proactively addressing matters of abuse and the protection of legitimate email delivery.

StrongView's efforts to overcome these challenges are multifaceted and include a combination of technological development, legislative advocacy and promotion of industry standards. We leverage leadership roles in numerous industry organizations to help curb abusive and fraudulent email marketing practices while still preserving use of the channel for legitimate communication and commerce.

As a firm believer in the importance of being a good corporate citizen, StrongView requires customers to embrace its same high standards for quality and integrity. As such, we target distribution of our products to companies who share our vision and maintain compliance not only with appropriate laws but also with current best practice standards. Our exacting standards focus our sales efforts on responsible companies who are not likely to harm the reputation of our services, or of our other customers, by using our products in an inappropriate manner.

To support these activities and objectives, StrongView carefully reviews all potential clients to ensure that we share a common goal of improving the viability and integrity of email as a communications channel. We are committed to continuing these efforts to help protect the long-term growth of the channel so all legitimate users of email can unlock its potential.

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