Email & Social Media Marketing Pioneer PopularMedia Has Been Acquired
by StrongView

On June 30, 2009, StrongView acquired social media marketing pioneer PopularMedia. This landmark acquisition establishes StrongView as the leader in integrated solutions for email and social media marketing.

As a result, PopularMedia's customers now are able to:

  • Leverage social media in a deeper and more measurable way
  • Drive increasingly better results by integrating their email and social marketing programs at both the campaign and data level

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Similarly, StrongView's customers can now:

  • Incorporate sophisticated social media functionality into their email campaigns
  • Leverage existing customers to increase reach, conversions and customer satisfaction

Learn More About StrongView’s Email Marketing Solutions

Introducing StrongView Influencer and StrongView Social Notes

PopularMedia's ground-breaking social media tools are now available as fully supported StrongView products that have been integrated and optimized for use with StrongView® Message Studio®, a complete, turnkey email marketing system for campaign management, data segmentation and targeting.

StrongView Influencer injects rich social networking functionality into any email communication — allowing email marketers to extend the reach of their programs by creating engaging experiences that invite consumers to share their brand or offer with friends, relatives and colleagues.

StrongView Social Notes makes it easy for people to share any web-related content and get instant feedback from their friends. With Social Notes, you can enable social networking features across your site while keeping the conversation within the context of your brand, products or content.

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