Engaging Consumers 
in a Constantly Connected World

Enter Present Tense Marketing

Relevance is key to successful marketing, but most marketers have a limited ability to deliver truly relevant messages. Customer profile data, stated preferences and historical interaction data provide marketers with valuable sources of information for crafting messages, but they don’t take into account the current context for that customer such as where they are, what device they’re using or what's the weather’s like at the moment they’re interacting with the brand.

StrongView enables marketers to capture, understand and act on this critical real-time, contextual information to create continuous engagement based on each customer's current context. We call this "Present Tense Marketing," and we've created an entire framework for enabling brands to effectively transition to it based on their current practices, capabilities and goals.

Not All Contextual Marketing is Equal

True contextual marketing goes far beyond contextual or “relevant” messaging by leveraging real-time data feeds such as location, weather, device and social posts to determine what message would best resonate with a customer at an exact moment in time. The more data points you have, the more context you can understand and act upon. But this requires the right approach, technology and strategy.

Present-Tense Marketing Hero

Progressing Towards Present Tense Marketing

StrongView’s Present Tense Marketing Assessment evaluates the current state of a brand's marketing programs based on five criteria:

  • Acquisition and Revenue
  • Context Awareness
  • Data Availability
  • Efficiency
  • Channel Integration

From this baseline assessment, StrongView helps develop a roadmap for making marketing programs more contextual and identifying the steps to becoming a Present Tense Marketer.

By providing customized action plans for each client, StrongView enables marketers to embrace contextual marketing at a pace that makes sense for their business. Within as little as six weeks, StrongView's strategists can help you implement quick-win recommendations from the Present Tense Marketing Assessment to improve the performance of existing programs or create new ones.

It's inevitable. Marketing must become more contextual. The question is whether you'll make the transition before or after your competition.