Authentication Standards

What is StrongView Doing to Support
Industry Standards & Restore Trust to Email?

For several years now, StrongView Systems has been an outspoken champion of email authentication and other industry efforts to establish standards and restore trust to the email channel. As a steering committee member for the Authentication and Online Trust Summit, we are actively involved in industry organizations committed to this end, and support several key areas:

  • Technical Specification, Testing and Support

    StrongView works closely with Microsoft, Yahoo! and Cisco to test and perfect leading forms of email authentication, and was the first technology provider to embed all of them - Sender ID, DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) - into our outbound email platform.

  • Integration with Leading Reputation Services

    StrongView has forged partnerships with a variety of leading reputation service providers, including Return Path and others. Our objective is to provide our clients with choices and give them the means to implement those that make sense for their businesses.

  • Driving Adoption to Protect Legitimate Senders

    StrongView Systems is actively engaged in the efforts of several industry organizations to curb abusive and fraudulent email practices while preserving use of the channel for legitimate communication and commerce. Balancing these sometimes conflicting interests in ways that improve the channel for email recipients as well senders and receivers is our single-minded objective.

In addition to these involvements, we have teamed with other visionaries and industry leaders to advance the cause of email accountability. Members of our management team have written and spoken extensively on this topic and are often quoted in the industry press. And, as the leading provider of marketing and transactional email solutions, we're always on the cutting-edge of technology and the first to embrace new standards. We are committed to continuing these efforts to ensure the long term growth and vitality of the channel.

For additional information about how you too can become authenticated, call (650) 421-4255 or allow us to contact you by completing our web form.