10 Ways to Increase the Impact of Welcome Messages

You’ve persuaded someone to sign up for your email database. That’s a major step—especially today when people are generally overloaded with emails and are increasingly selective about their opt-ins.

It’s increasingly difficult to keep subscribers in your email databases. It’s a relationship. A relationship between you, the company, and the client or customer. One key to beginning this email marketing relationship successfully is a welcome email that wows the new subscriber. Here are 10 ways to make the newest members of your email database feel special.

  1. Use the subscriber’s name. Start with the subject line: ‘Welcome Scott’ or ‘Welcome Sara’ goes a long way. And in the body copy, start with a personalized salutation. Thank you, Scott, for joining us. Thank you, Sara, for joining us.
  2. Say ‘thank you’ and include the method of subscription. It can be useful to remind the new subscriber how and why they signed up for your email database; this buttresses their decision.
  3. INCLUDE A THANK YOU OFFER…persuade the new subscriber to start buying right away by giving them an irresistible offer.
  4. Frequency. Let the subscriber know how often they will receive emails. One proven tactic is to offer the subscriber the opportunity to change frequency.
  5. Gather more data. To encourage opt ins, you may have asked for just the first name and email address. That’s fine, but it can be extremely valuable to start gathering some additional demographic and psychographic information in the welcome email. You may need to provide an additional incentive to gather this additional valuable information. It’s worth it: by segmenting your database, you gain additional marketing horsepower.
  6. Make it easy to leave the list. “Are you serious?” you may ask. “Yes. Absolutely.” Make it clear that you’re completely fair and ethical when it comes to your email marketing.
  7. Safe sending. Include an easy way for new subscribers to ‘white list’ your emails. This helps to ensure delivery of emails and also helps to make sure that images get through.
  8. Please tell your friends. New subscribers will encourage friends and family to subscribe—especially if you provide them with an incentive.
  9. Take your time. It’s better to send several shorter thank you emails than one behemoth welcome email.
  10. Make it timely. If it’s the holiday season, then make sure the content is for the holiday season. If it’s summer, then make the content complement the season. You can also build welcome email marketing content around events.

All email marketing is important. The welcome emails provide an opportunity to make a great first impression. Use the proven methods above and you’ll be more likely to keep those all-important new subscribers engaged with your email marketing. And when subscribers are engaged, they’re more likely to buy your products and services.


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