Timeless Email Marketing Quips from the White House

As we head into February of a presidential election year, there's no doubt that the political season is in full swing. With all the State of the Union addresses, primary elections and debates, there are always a number of funny quips that get uttered from the field of candidates.

As I was conducting my research of the presidential candidates, determining positions and forming my own opinions about these folks, I came across my fair share of entertaining quotes from present and past presidents. And being the passionate email marketing fan that I am, I quickly realized that these guys had a lot to say to email marketers at large

You can’t get this type of insight every day (especially not from the likes of these guys), so enjoy and feel free to append any other quotes to the comments that you feel resonate. Today is a good day for a giggle…

''Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. There's nothing to do but to stand there and take it.'' —President Lyndon Johnson

I spend more time with email marketing teams that feel like they just inherit content and strategies from the greater marketing organization, with little or no feedback or insight from the internal experts – you. As organizations and brands look to increase the effectiveness of their integrated marketing communication plans, it is imperative to recognize the assets and knowledge available within the email marketing organization.

Getting a seat at the table isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. Many may see the email marketing organization as a barrier to access a channel that is highly trackable and extremely effective. Conversely, the email team may see ancillary organizations as teams of people that are trying to bastardize the channel they manage – fireworks often ensue. To get the most out of the channel, you all need to play nice together in sand box. Use those highly trackable metrics to support internal decisions and be sure you are all working towards the same goal. You don’t have to be a jackass in a hailstorm, unless you choose to be.

''I am only an average man but, by George, I work harder at it than the average man.''
—President Teddy Roosevelt

No one wants to work hard to be average. I love the email channel, and while I firmly believe in the impact of multi-channel email marketing, email is a workhorse. The capabilities and possibilities of leveraging the email channel to enhance a customer’s experience with a brand are hastened by your ability to use the channel in concert with the data and understanding you have about your customers. Don’t work hard to be average, work hard to make your email program a great resource and welcomed communication for your customers and your integrated, multi-channel marketing efforts.

''If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility. Greatest weakness, it's possible that I'm a little too awesome.''
—President Barack Obama, at the 2008 Al Smith Dinner

Know the strengths and challenges of your email marketing program and communicate them clearly and regularly to your company as a whole. I firmly believe that the greatest weakness of the email channel is that it is too awesome.

So how do you harness all of that greatness and align your program? Invest in highly effective programs that clearly show your customers and your organization just how great the email channel is. It can deliver some of the most relevant communication experiences to your customer to drive engagement, retention, awareness and love. That is, IF it is done correctly. The biggest weakness is that there are brands out there abusing the channel. Sure, they may be making money with their programs, but how much more successful could those programs be if handled appropriately?

I could go on like this all day with quotes like, “I did not inhale,” but I thought I would leave this fun game to you all – continue the conversation and translate presidential quotes in the comments. Hail to the Chief!

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