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Should Email Marketing Data Security Be Keeping You Awake?

You wake up at 4am - petrified - that tomorrow's email marketing campaign will contain typos, broken links or irrelevant messaging.

Should you be just as worried about your email marketing data security?

News broke this week that Epsilon, an email service provider that distributes more than 40 billion emails annually for 2,500 clients, was the victim of a massive email marketing data security breach. As such, the email marketers working with companies affected by this breach (including Best Buy, Target, TiVo, Capital One and JP Morgan Chase) began the week by sending delicately crafted messages to subscribers apologizing for this violation of trust.

But when the shock and anger fades, how will consumers feel about these brands?

In many cases, unless you work in a highly regulated industry like financial services or pharmaceuticals, data security usually isn’t a top priority in terms of email marketing program investment. However, marketers need to seriously weigh the value of a consumer’s trust in their brand when evaluating their email marketing data security policies…because as we all know, trust is a fragile, challenging and uniquely important thing to earn for an email marketer. In a world already plagued by spam, consumers are all too ready to opt-out of an email program if they feel like it in any way will compromise the sanctity of their inbox.

To help email marketers evaluate their options, StrongView has published a new whitepaper called "Email Marketing and Data Security." In it, we describe the factors that make your email list vulnerable - and four important guidelines that marketers can apply to protect your subscriber information.

Key topics addressed within this white paper include:

  • The importance of launching a risk management initiative
  • When to handle security audits internally and when to outsource
  • How security risks can be minimized with alternative deployment models such as an on-premise email solution

After what’s being dubbed as the “Epsilon Valdez” by Reuters, even the Wall Street Journal is questioning whether or not brands should be outsourcing their email marketing to a third party.

I am proud to say that many security-conscious Fortune 2000 brands have chosen to manage their email systems in-house using a commercially supported system provided by StrongView. What this means is that you can purchase an "ESP in a box," which provides you with the same features and functionality of an outsourced email service provider, complemented with a full range of award-winning agency strategic, creative and production services to ensure that your campaigns continue to perform at their highest possible levels. Our on-premise option eliminates the resource burden usually associated with managing an in-house email marketing system, while enabling the brand to keep their customer data secure behind their firewall.

Email marketing data security, and the protection of your subscriber information, should play just as key of a role in your email marketing success as the relevancy of your campaigns. In other words, if it's 4am and you do not have a security plan in place, you are probably right to wake up in a cold sweat.

If you are ready to talk to StrongView about email marketing data security, call us at 800-971-0380 or fill out our Contact Us Form.

Posted by: Kristin Hersant at 8:19 AM
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