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Email and Social Media Done Right: LinkedIn’s Connection Update Email Delivers World-Class Personalization in an Eye-Catching Mosaic Design

When I received the LinkedIn campaign below in my inbox, I couldn’t decide what I was more impressed with. Was it the convergence of email and social media, with social network sending an email using highly personalized social data?  Or was it the design, execution and impact of the experience?

LinkedIn Campaign


Let’s start with design:  clean, simple and the mosaic tile layout is very appealing.  The focus is on the subject, the people who started something new.  The call-to-actions (CTAs) are fun and their casual tone is engaging and reminiscent of running into an old friend with whom I want to catch up …so they nailed it on emotional draw.  Weekly LinkedIn summaries were great in the early days when none of us had hundreds of contacts, but now it is difficult to keep up and they don’t all fit in the email.  This is where a more strategic approach to email and social media comes into play. LinkedIn was able to effectively identify how to condense the ideal user experience into a short, comprehensive email. I found this to be very personal and valuable, and it inspired me to touch base with a few people who I did not know had new positions.  I was indeed able to catch up on this year with one single email communication.  Got to love that.

Personalization & Execution

Now lets’ move now to the data, personalization and execution.  This is the ultimate display of how personalized content can generate a memorable user experience – creating value to the customer using the data.  In LinkedIn’s case, all the parts exist and are member generated – but no doubt this took some serious planning and execution.  Several members of the marketing team here at StrongView received this message, but it has been staggered over a few days.  Some received this message yesterday and others today at different times.   With over 100,000,000 LinkedIn members – and over a million new members every week – careful and methodical execution of this campaign is critical.  I suspect they are still sending.  Nice work.

 We preach this to our clients on a daily basis to personalize email messages using customer data, but it is not as easy as it sounds.   There are multiple operational parts and bureaucratic hoops to jump through that can seriously slow down progress.  

This is a great example of the hard work paying off!   

Brands are starting to interact more with email and social media online, but it is a commitment.  The data is being mined and observed mostly to build personas, or apps are being created to add value.  Bing Shopping, for example, allows shoppers to integrate with their Facebook network, then share and post items in a cart to get feedback on a potential purchase before committing.  I know we’ll see much more of these great apps and content integration with email in the future.   Can’t wait. 

To all you email marketers out there, hang in there.  Lock on to a great idea and persevere! 

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