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Email Marketing Excellence: The CNET Winback Campaign

 Like it or not, there will always be email subscribers who become unresponsive over time.  Maybe they've lost interest, become too busy or changed email addresses. Having inactives on your list is a reality, but that doesn't mean you shouldn’t try to win them back. 

I signed up for CNET's emails a while back when I was using the site more to read reviews on the latest tech gadgets.  These days, instead of waiting for a newsletter, I just go directly to the site, so I don't bother opening their messages – until I got the one below with the subject line, "Is this goodbye? CNET will miss you."

For whatever reason, the non-assuming question in the subject line caused me to open, and what I found was a well-executed email designed to get me engaged.  CNET chose a simple, good-looking template that focused on three things – the appeal and two reasons to come back – "breaking news" and "unbiased reviews." It finishes with an opportunity to change my newletter preferences, which is always a smart move. Offering the ablity to change the frequency or topic focus of email communications is an excellent way to increase engagement and retain a subscriber.

There's nothing fancy about this template, but that's one reason why it works: it's direct and to the point. 

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CNET Winback

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