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Is Google in Bed with Email Marketing?


Whatever marketers and the public think about email marketing, a permission-based email remains a valuable and sought after nugget of marketing gold.

Want proof?

Well it’s well known that email marketing continues to be a leader in marketing ROI, Google’s integration with email might be the only proof you need. Google has been experimenting with email opt-ins within paid search results. See below.

While the “subscribe to newsletter” incentive isn’t exactly the most enticing or exciting marketing carrot, it’s a big step for Google. In the past, Google has experienced a strained relationship with email marketing.
Every company needs traffic to its website. This explains the success of pay per click advertising. Every company needs opt in email addresses—which the company hopes to harvest when a consumer visits the site. So by taking a “click” out of the process, will Google help companies successfully harvest emails? If so, will Google be able to charge a premium for the service? Email marketing companies are watching this channel very closely.
Some key considerations…

Conversion. In theory, someone who is searching for something is a good candidate to want additional information about a product or service. Who will subscribe? What’s the “control” conversion rate? Can a company provide a stronger incentive than the elementary “subscribe to newsletter?” What will the subscriber actually receive once they’ve handed over their email?

Email Gets a Boost. If Google is now going to help advertisers harvest email addresses, then the importance of email marketing could prove to increase dramatically.

Go to the Front of the Line. What happens if the customer hands over their email address and it’s a Gmail account? Will Google prioritize emails it’s helped to harvest? Will that be a “premium” service?

That little opt in box on some experimental PPC ads may seem insignificant at first. But the implications for the merger of PPC and email marketing could be enormous.

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