Digital Marketing Insights Revitalizes a Tired Transactional Email Program and Generates $750K in New Revenue

MarketingSherpa ran an in-depth case study on StrongView customer today that is a good example of great transactional email strategy. I encourage you all to give it a read. The key take away from this study is that email marketing is a continually changing discipline. Your customer base is constantly morphing, so it’s important that your email marketing and transactional email strategies stay fresh and be revisited periodically. As our email marketing experts are fond of saying, you are never done testing – and the same applies to your program strategy.

Because their transactional email streams had a 30% higher open rate than their promotional email, FootSmart sensed an opportunity to monetize those unique views with a fresh approach to their transactional email strategy. By integrating StrongView’s transactional email platform with their customer database, web analytics platform/product recommendation engine (CoreMetrics) and product reviews platform (Bazzarvoice), FootSmart was able to implement relevant offers into their transactional email based on past purchase history and consumer ratings and reviews. The results were impressive, with FootSmart projecting an additional $750K in additional revenue from the program in 2009. The revenue generated per each email from their cart abandonment program alone jumped from $1.95 to $4.00. Not only did this double revenue for this program, it’s significantly more than the $0.15 driven by a typical promotional email.

Here are links to the following resources:

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If you’re not already leveraging your transactional email streams such as order confirmations, shipping notices, password reminders and welcome emails, to drive conversions, there’s never been a better time to start. StrongView can help you launch a new program from scratch, or revitalize an existing program for greater returns.

Posted by: Kristin Hersant at 10:51 AM
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