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Day Five: Government’s Share of Five Gold Rings

No offense to my StrongView associates and email marketing industry colleagues who presented at the Email Insider Summit this week, but the absolute best session was an interview with Kevin Olsen, Director of Consumer Protection for the state of Utah. The session’s post-lunch time slot and perfect ski conditions made for a smaller audience than earlier sessions, but for those attending it didn’t disappoint. Olsen talked about the Utah child email registry and the role his office plays in enforcing it and all email related laws in his state. With several marketers asking what these laws were and how they could learn more about them (eek! This is where I cringed), I determined an email regulation download was in order.

So today’s tip is a reminder that we do not live in an unregulated industry in the US or abroad. I encourage you to take inventory of all email programs and run them through a legal gut-check. Below you’ll find links to email laws for US, EU, and AU. Use these, and the advice of an attorney, to ensure your email programs are compliant. Keeping compliant and understanding email laws will ensure protection of the channel into the New Year and beyond. Plus, you get to keep those gold rings instead of hocking them to pay an avoidable fine.


Utah Registry and Suppression Purchase

Michigan Registry and Suppression Purchase

EU Directive on Privacy and Email

Each EU member country has their own law related to the Directive. Visit this page on the EU CAUCE site for a list of all links.

AU Spam Act of 2003

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