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Saved By The Daffodils and a Great Email Marketing Question


It's a good thing today is Friday. This week, I deeply cut my left index finger while chopping onions (that's what I get for answering email while trying to make dinner). Add to that - a near auto breakdown yesterday as my car overheated on I-75. And finally, my Wednesday trip to the dentist. So needless to say, I'm looking for a bright way to end my week.

The daffodils in my drought-ridden Atlanta yard have been my greatest source of inspiration until this morning when I stumbled upon my new favorite email marketing question. Background: last week, I spent 5 days presenting and answering email marketing questions in 5 cities. I love Q&A. I look at each question as a challenge and will lose hours of sleep to track down a hard-to-find answer. My new favorite question is not hard to answer... or is it?

Question: "Tricia, if you only had 5 minutes before you had to hit the SEND on a campaign what would you do? 1) A/B split the offer 2) Add personalization to the subject line 3) Geo-target to optimize inbox arrival."

My answer: None of the above. I would make sure required legal language and links were included in a creative way and the subject line was spelled correctly. Then I would use the last remaining minute to ring whoever was responsible for leaving me with only 5 minutes to get a campaign out and call them names my mother wouldn't be proud of me for saying.

What would you do?

Share your opinion in a comment below!

Posted by: Sam Cece at 6:30 AM
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