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New Industry Survey Shows Marketers are Focused on Increasing Engagement in 2014 but Are Hampered by Data Challenges


StrongView just released the results of its 2014 Marketing Trends Survey, which finds that email marketers remain focused on increasing engagement, making it their top initiative for the New Year. However, challenges in using data effectively continue to hamper their efforts. Specifically, marketers indicated that accessing and leveraging data (40%) was their biggest challenge in 2014. When it comes to why marketers don't use more data in their in their campaigns, they cited their biggest challenges being with data quality (22%), latency (16%) and lack of strategy (15%).

The good news that marketing budgets remain healthy with 93% of respondents planning to increase or maintain budgets in the New Year. Like last year, email marketing is once again the top focus for increased budgets (52%), followed by social media (46%), search (41%) and display (36%).

Based on the survey results, it's clear that marketers need to focus on getting better access to data and invest in solutions that enable them to put it to use effectively in integrated, cross-channel campaigns.

StrongView's own experience with its clients corroborates these data findings, as we are seeing increased demand for both technology and services to help brands not only aggregate data across channels, but to understand and incorporate it into relevant campaigns.

The following infographic highlights some of the key findings, or drill down into the survey data to learn even more marketing priorities for 2014.

StrongView 2014 Marketing Trends Survey


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Top Marketing Trends in 2013

In December, we announced the results of our 2013 Marketing Trends survey, which provided some key insights into how marketers are allocating their budgets for the new year, as well as the challenges that they face, such as lack of resources and data integration.

In order to make the survey data even more digestible (and fun!), we've created the following infographic.  If this aligns or differs from your own experience, please let us know in the comments.  Enjoy.

StrongView Top Marketer Trends in 2013


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Consumers and Mobile Marketing – An Infographic

Earlier this year, StrongView commissioned a mobile marketing survey with Forrester Consulting that was designed to find out how consumers are interacting and reacting to mobile marketing. Not surprisingly, consumers with smart phones were much more receptive to mobile marketing messages than the users of so-called dumb "feature-phones." With smart phone adoption sailing past 50% with no signs of stopping anytime soon, this is good news for marketers. It also turns out that email is the preferred method to view promotional messages on mobile phones – and a third of smart phone users have made a purchase after viewing a promotional email message on their phone.

The following infographic outlines some of the key findings, or check out the press release here.

Mobile Marketing Survey

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