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Leveraging the Combined Strength of Social Media and Email Marketing

Kara Trivunovic recently talked about the importance of the convergence of email marketing and social media and how both marketing channels are complementary.

Interviewed by Mike McDonald of WebProNews at the Online Marketing Summit 2010, she said that several aspects of social media and email have the potential to come into play together and allow businesses to expand the reach of their existing offers.

When combined, email marketing and social media allow marketeers to expand their customer base in a way that was not possible through email only. In particular, leveraging both channels can be an effective tool for gaining new subscribers.

When Mike highlighted a statistic that was presented at the event, stating that 50% of all content is still shared via email, Kara replied that about 86% of people in StrongView client programs choose to share via email, the rest via Twitter and Facebook.

Sharing and sharing tools key when integrating social media and email marketing.

Kara further explained how StrongView enables businesses to improve their email marketing campaign performance by combining the proven ROI of email with the power of social media to reach new audiences.

Today, businesses need to create integrated campaigns to leverage the natural synergies of these two channels to boost customer acquisition, retention and loyalty while generating more revenue.

According to Kara, there are three ways to integrate email marketing and social media:

1. Share with your network:

To engage evangelizers to share content, email is a great channel. But also provide other options to share including social media sharing tools.

2. Leverage as a medium to incentivize current customer base
Use social media and email marketing to drive additional subscribers, and to create awareness about your programs.

3. Acquire customers through referrals and shared content
Email is important since it still is the main channel to enable people to share information through emails, of which at least 90% can be converted. Emails do enjoy higher conversion rates.

Finally, Kara explained how StrongView has embraced the integration of social media marketing and email marketing to make this integration work for StrongView customers and businesses, seeking to leverage the power of both social and email.

From a technology viewpoint, StrongView offers a referral marketing platform StrongView Influencer, a social media management application called Social Direct and a social sharing tool called Social Notes.

Customers of StrongView’s email marketing solutions can use these tools as part of the platform while our email and social media marketing strategists (led by Kara) help you get the most out of the integration.

To learn how to effectively integrate social media into your email marketing campaigns, please download the “Email in the Age of Social Media” white paper.

You can watch the full interview below.

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CSN Stores Generates 3X Lift in Email Referral Program Performance with StrongView Influencer

StrongView announced a new case study with CSN Stores this week that showcases an overhaul of their existing customer referral program. CSN Stores believed that its existing email-based referral program wasn't living up to its potential or making it easy enough for these customers to spread the word about CSN Stores. As a result, CSN Stores turned to StrongView to create a new referral program that leveraged StrongView Influencer and our strategic services team to spread the word about its CSN Rewards loyalty program and inspire people to shop with CSN.

Working with StrongView, CSN Stores developed a StrongView Influencer campaign that incentivized current Rewards members with a credit to their Rewards account for each friend that enrolled in the program and made a subsequent purchase. Additionally, referred friends were also rewarded with a credit for extending the offer to their networks. CSN Stores then launched the StrongView Influencer campaign via email to its Reward members and also featured it in the weekly CSN Recommends email newsletter.

Read the Full Case Study >>

Not only did the StrongView Influencer-powered referral campaign increase reward program sign-ups by a factor of three, it significantly expanded its reach beyond CSN's existing customer base. For every 1.8 customers from the initial mailing who shared the email, one new CSN Rewards account was created, and one in ten of those new members went on to complete a purchase.

This is a powerful example of what's possible when you leverage the natural synergies of email marketing and social media to acquire new customers. If your current referral campaigns aren't leveraging social media, you should consider refreshing them to boost program performance.

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The Power of Social Media: Gains Thousands of New Users with StrongView Influencer


Social media is widely billed as the new paradigm for marketers. Everyone wants a piece of it, but many email marketers are still struggling with how to leverage this new channel to drive greater returns from their existing campaigns. Today, StrongView announced the results of our first case study on the subject, profiling how personal financial site leveraged the two channels together to drive new customer acquisition, and the results are impressive.

First a little background on StrongView Influencer, a new product from StrongView that enables email marketers to integrate social functionality into their email marketing campaigns and track the results. Influencer campaigns harness the psychology of the social web to determine what offers will inspire recipients to share a given brand with their friends or colleagues, and provides them with a rich social media interface in which to share. Using Influencer, email marketers can identify, motivate, track and re-market to their top social media influencers to exponentially increase brand engagement and response. Watch a Quick 2-minute Demo >> was trying to increase the size of their user base and wanted to leverage social media to tap the power of their already engaged opt-in list. Working with StrongView, was able to identify key motivators for social sharing among its users, and developed two offers and a control group for an A/B Test. After testing the offers, quickly determined the winner, which surprisingly was an offer for free access to beta features. (The other offer was a free iPod for every three friends that signed up.) deployed the winning campaign to the rest of their opt-in list, resulting in a 48% unique open rate. Of those, over 10 percent became "Influencers" for the brand by sharing the invitation with an average of 5 friends each, significantly expanding its reach. These invitations generated an unprecedented 61 percent click-through rate among friends viewing the invitation and every 2.6 invite clicks on the invitation led to one friend becoming a user. Ultimately, was able to generate over 8,000 new accounts as a result of this campaign. A copy of the full case study is posted here, if you would like more detail.

StrongView is helping email marketers across a wide range of industries drive more value from their email marketing campaigns using StrongView Influencer. Contact us today if you would like to discuss how we can help you effectively leverage social media to drive increased brand awareness, new customer acquisition, and new revenue.

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