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An ESP Dirty Secert--Really?

I recently read a blog posting from another person in the industry that stated that all ESPs have a dirty little secret. Basically what this person said was that all ESPs have some clients that they are not proud of and should fire but keep them around simply because they don’t want to lose a big pay check. I personally have so many issues with this way of thinking, I am not sure where to begin. I think first I will start with the fact that he claims all ESPs do this—does this person have a full list of every single client each ESP has? Can he be sure that these clients are paying these ESPs that much money that it is worth their time?

I think the other part of this argument that I don’t agree with is that this email professional doesn’t take into account a number of different factors. Does this person know for sure that these clients haven’t asked for help and the ESPs are simply trying to work with them improve their practices. Sure some customers will say anything in order to work with some of the ESPs—like, “just tell us what to do and we will do it, we really want to improve our delivery rates.” That might say this just to get in the door, or they really believe it at the time and then they realize what is being asked of them and they are unwilling to do make those changes. If that is the case the sender might just play the game of going to one ESP and then move on to the next ESP once their current one gets wind of everything they are doing.

But how is that a dirty little secret? I know most of my friends in the industry talk about these types of clients on a regular basis and we all understand that they are out there. Sure as a deliverability professional it is my job to try to help any sender improve their delivery if they are willing to listen but some of them just wont so we continue to try to work with them, if they do anything against company policy then we will all let them go as a client to protect the entire business.

I would love to hear any other thoughts on this subject—let me know if you think I am crazy or not on this one.

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