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Spamhaus Debuts New Blacklist to Combat "Snowshoe Spam"

Spamhaus has unveiled a new blacklist to combat a equally new spammer technique that uses static IP addresses and send in low volumes to avoid spam filters. This technique is called "snowshoe spam" because it's akin to spreading the load of sending across a large area.

If you're interested in using the new Spamhaus CSS (Composite Snow-Shoe) list to help detect snowshoe spam, you can find out more on their website:

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Yahoo issues fixed

According to Yahoo's postmaster group, the items that were causing issues with regards to false-positives and Spamhaus listings has been resolved.

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It shouldn't take an article to know

There seemed to be alot of chatter and questions yesterday about an article that came out about how Yahoo has officially made it public that they are using the Spamhaus blocklist. What is interesting to me is that alot of people are looking at this as something new and that no one else was aware of until this article hit the wire. The problem is that they have been doing this for a short time and putting the information into their bounce codes. Not that legitimate senders need to work about this, but if something happened they should be aware of it as quickly as possible. That being said, with the StrongView system we have been able to catch these bounces and categorizing them correctly, under blacklists, from the beginning.
I think back to the previous company that I worked for and with the system that we had at the time we probably would not have known about this either. So I suggest to everyone reading this blog that is not currently a StrongView customer, ask your ESP about this and find out what they have in place to make sure that you are always covered by the ever changing world of ISPs.

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