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Yahoo! Changes Its Protocols for Monitoring Email Sender Reputation

If you've been having trouble getting into the inbox at Yahoo lately, it may be because of new Yahoo protocols for assigning email sender reputation that they began using in December. As first reported on, Yahoo is now looking beyond just IP address and domain name of the sender to include the "From" name as well.

This means that your, and are all being assigned different reputations, instead of an aggregate reputation based on any message from your core "@company" domain. Whatever is left of the @ sign is key, as Yahoo doesn't appear to be looking at the "friendly" From name.

Making things even more complicated, Yahoo is assigning unique reputations to each combination of From Name + Domain Name + IP Address. So, if you use two different IP addresses to send messages from, then Yahoo is assigning a separate email sender reputation to each stream.

This change could have a positive or negative impact on your programs depending on your sending practices. If you've been playing it risky with one email stream because the other email messages you send balance out your email reputation, then it's likely that the one email stream will now go to the bulk folder, but you will continue to see good deliverability on the streams that more closely follow best practices. On the flip side, if one bad email slips out, it will only damage of the reputation for that From Name + Domain Name + IP Address combination.

The bottom line is that you should follow best practices across all of your mail streams and closely monitor deliverability for each From name that goes out from your domain.

Posted by: Spencer Kollas at 10:51 AM
Categories: Yahoo, deliverability, email reputation, filtering, sender reputation