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Social Media Consumer Data Presents New Opportunities for Email Targeting

Every day, consumers are posting information to the social web that can be leveraged by marketers to refine the targeting of their campaigns, whether that be generating reviews, recommendations or comments in forums.  They are also voluntarily sharing public information about their lifestyle preferences and interests that can be tapped for significantly better targeting across channels. In order to take advantage of this data, email marketers need to actively source and append their customer and prospect email databases with the wide array of social data that is available from a variety of sources.

Facebook has access to lifestyle and demographic information on over 800 million people worldwide. That’s more than most traditional data providers will ever have. When you combine this information with data sourced from listening platforms and social data providers like Fliptop and Rapleaf, you can start to build rich subscriber profiles based on this high-value, self-reported information. StrongView offers a proprietary tool that enables you to append and then query off of this data, which is currently returning a 70% match rate simply using name and location. The match rate is even higher if you’re appending off an email address as the primary key.

In addition to these tools and services, brands can also be direct and ask their customers for assistance in pairing the data. This can be accomplished with campaigns sent out from email and social media. Email subscribers can be asked to connect with your brand on Twitter, Facebook and other networks. Similarly, members of a brand’s social networks can be encouraged to opt-in to their email communications.  Enabling Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign-on capabilities, as well as promoting Facebook applications can be another way to access this data. Chances are your social media team is investing in building Facebook apps to drive brand engagement. Are you getting access to the data that they receive through that process?

Instead of leaving social media marketing to the brand marketers, email marketers need to collaborate with their brand counterparts and look for opportunities to leverage the massive amounts of data on the social web to learn more about their email subscribers.  By collecting social data, appending it to your database and leveraging it to increase the relevancy of your messaging, you can exponentially improve the performance of your campaigns across every channel.

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