Monetizing Social Media

Tip and Insights from OMMA Social 2010

For those of you who missed OMMA Social or would like a summary of some of the key social media topics and tips, I encourage you to check out my colleague Kristin Hersant's prolific Twitter feed from the event. They are cataloged in the following PDF: /pdf/omma_social_2010_twitter_transcript.pdf

Here are just some of the topics she covered in 140 characters or less.

Brands tackle social in different ways: e.g. PR, branding, direct marketing. What will win? Whatever ties to revenue. #ommasocial 12:43 PM Jan 26th

What's more interesting than amassing 2 million followers is that audience's ability to influence their friends. #ommasocial 12:34 PM Jan 26th

Your app doesn't need 2B rocket science. Think about how to keep your brand in front of them and drive traffic across channels. #ommasocial 12:15 PM Jan 26th

Posted by: Ryan Deutsch at 3:08 PM
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