Monetizing Social Media

Social CRM: Cross-channel Customer Programs Require a New Type of Agency

Email marketing and social media are by far the preferred mediums by which consumers and brands connect and communicate. When combined, they offer businesses more ways to interact with customers and gain insights from these conversations to strengthen their relationships with their clients.

However, besides social media marketing and email marketing solutions, businesses increasingly need the right advice and strategies to embrace the social customer. That’s why StrongView announced today the formation of an integrated email marketing and social CRM agency, ThreadMarketing.

This doesn’t mean that StrongView will suddenly become a vendor of customer relationship management platforms. That isn’t what Social CRM is all about.

Social CRM is first and foremost about a different perspective on client programs, customer loyalty programs and multi-channel contact moments with the "social customer." It is leveraging the data and insights gained from marketing activities in social channels to build more relevant conversations that drive results.

Traditional CRM has its roots customer service. Social CRM is more of a mindset, whereby the customer experience is placed before all else and the mentality and marketing strategy of businesses is purely aimed at the customer, his needs, preferences and measurable digital signals.

Social CRM: The Management of Customer Experience is Marketing 

In this view, various forms of online marketing such as social media marketing, email marketing, referral marketing etc. are all combined, integrated and adapted into the buying cycle and impact customer satisfaction.

In our increasingly social world, where the consumer uses various channels to call on peers, influencers and communities for advice and sharing, Social CRM provides marketers with an integrated client-oriented strategy of using data and tools to identify participative communities and segments, honor communication preferences and meet customer needs in real-time.

ThreadMarketing: an Integrated Social CRM Strategy for an Integrated Marketing Reality

The final goal of Social CRM thus becomes a data-driven, targeted, participative, two-way and continuous interaction strategy, as personal as possible, whereby the value for the client is central to marketing. CRM becomes a never ending process of conversations, optimization and conversion, with marketers mining the data and leveraging it to improve the effectiveness of their cross-channel marketing initiatives.

That is exactly why StrongView has formed ThreadMarketing, a new type of agency that empowers Fortune 2000 brands with Social CRM strategies and creative design, while helping them make optimal use of integrated social media marketing, email marketing and other technology solutions

Guidance to Improve Conversion, Engagement and Efficiency

Using a powerful framework, ThreadMarketing will help you to Listen, Learn, Engage, and Influence key consumers so you can work smarter not harder. 

ThreadMarketing provides marketers with key services such as strategic consulting, listening and monitoring, proprietary research, segmentation strategy, data collection and surveys, databases and loyalty engine design/development, lifecycle program development, award-winning creative, website development, campaign execution, community management, and innovative loyalty and participatory marketing programs that drive success.

Businesses like Castrol, and Johnson & Johnson have used this guidance to improve the relevance and thus efficiency of their marketing strategies. Combined with the power of our solutions, we offer you all you need to engage your customers in a more effective manor, generating impressive results.

It’s what marketers asked for. It’s what we promise with ThreadMarketing.

Posted by: Kristin Hersant at 10:20 AM
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