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Advisor Newsletter

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March 2015

  • Email Marketers Are the New Keymasters of Digital Experience
  • Contextual Marketing: Beyond the Buzzword (April 2!)
  • What Condition Is Your Context In?
  • 7 Email & Cross-Channel Innovations That Work

February 2015

  • Contextual Marketing vs. Personalization
  • Meet Us at the Digital Travel Summit in Vegas!
  • The Fine Art of Building Inbox Anticipation
  • The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Vendors, Q3 2014

January 2015

  • Context Changes Everything
  • Meet Us at eTail West in Palm Desert!
  • What Apple's Holiday Home Run Means for Email Marketers
  • Context Changes Everything: A New Foundation for Delivering Customer Value

December 2014

  • The State of Marketing in 2015: New Survey Research
  • Meet Us at the Email Evolution Conference
  • The 2015 'Rock Your Data' Challenge
  • Digital Marketer's Guide to the Top Trends of 2015

November 2014

  • Then & Now: Mobile & Email Marketing Predictions
  • Meet Us at PhoCusWright
  • Putting the Life Back in Your Customer Lifecycle
  • 10 Warning Signs You Need Better Marketing Analytics

October 2014

  • Data Must Drive Your 2015 Digital Marketing Planning
  • 2014 Brand Loyalty Survey
  • Your Customer’s Life Is Happening NOW - How Are You Responding?
  • 7 Email and Cross-Channel Innovations That Work

August 2014

  • When Preparation Meets Opportunity
  • The ABCs of Contextual Marketing
  • Connecting the Dots to Deliver Context
  • The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Vendors, Q3 2014

June 2014

  • 2014 Internet Trends According to Mary Meeker
  • 11 Steps to Analyze Data for Campaign Performance
  • Crush Your Post-Summer Marketing Push
  • Mobile Marketing Solutions Guide

May 2014

  • When Onboarding, Focus on LTV, not ROI
  • 11 Steps to Analyze Data for Campaign Performance
  • You've Got (Too Much) Mail
  • 7 Essential Lifecycle Marketing Programs for Email Marketers

April 2014

  • Customer Data & the Power of Now
  • The ABCs of Contextual Marketing
  • Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty With Today’s Consumer
  • Email Unlocked: Proven Tactical Methods for Email Campaign Success
  • Customers Prepare for Canada’s Revised Anti-Spam Law

March 2014

  • Is There A Future for Digital Marketing Within Wearables?
  • Join Us at Digital Travel Summit!
  • The Five A’s of Social Integration with Email (and Beyond!)
  • Forrester Consulting Study: Marketing's Big Leap Forward
  • New Resources Available in Spark

February 2014

  • Why Your Cross-Channel Marketing Needs to Live in the Present…Tense
  • Take the Next Big Leap Forward
  • Measure Better: Applying Segmentation Analysis to Email
  • 10 Warning Signs You Need Better Marketing Analytics
  • Master Message Studio With Live Online Training

January 2014

  • Joining the Revolution
  • Join Us at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Vegas!
  • Moving Beyond Basic Personalization to Real-Time Marketing
  • Forrester Research Report: The Rise of the Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Systems
  • Creating Customized Landing Pages with Message Studio

December 2013

  • Survey: Marketers are Focused on Increasing Engagement in 2014 but Are Hampered by Data Challenges
  • Join Us at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami!
  • 4 Cross-Channel Measurements Every Marketer Should Use
  • A Practical Guide to Modern Marketing Analytics
  • Gmail Image Caching and Its Impact on Email Marketing

November 2013

  • Following the Data Trail Left by Connected Customers
  • On-Demand Webinar: Marketing to the Continuously Connected Consumer
  • Getting Attention in the Competitive Holiday Inbox
  • 14 Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies for 2014
  • Big Data's True Meaning: Meeting the Customer Interaction Challenge

September 2013

  • New Survey: Consumer Attitudes towards Gmail Inbox Tabs
  • Get a Stronger View of Marketing
  • Marketing to the "On-Demand" Consumer
  • New Success Guide: The New Gmail Inbox Tabs
  • Hot Topics Happening in Spark

July 2013

  • StrongMail Becomes StrongView: Insight into the Rebrand
  • Using Social Data to Improve Digital Marketing
  • Adopting a Cross-Channel Approach to Segmentation
  • Mobile Marketing Solutions Guide
  • What You Need to Know About Gmail's New Tabbed Inbox

June 2013

  • Industry Watch: SMS and Email: A Strategy to Capture Out-of-Home Subscribers
  • Featured Events: On-Demand Webinar - Marketing to the Mobile Consumer
  • Tip of the Month: Tips for Avoiding the Consumer Privacy Backlash
  • Featured Resource: Mobile Email Optimization Calculator
  • Deliverability: Yahoo! Retiring Inactive Accounts

April 2013

  • Industry Watch: Forget RPE, What’s Your PPE: Personality-Per-Email?
  • Featured Events: Visit StrongMail At Upcoming Events!
  • Tip of the Month: Email Subject Lines...Say What?
  • Featured Resource: Mobile Optimization Success Guide
  • Deliverability: The Key to Optimum Email Deliverability

March 2013

  • Industry Watch: It's Time to Get Mature About Data
  • Featured Events: Visit StrongMail At Upcoming Events!
  • Tip of the Month: Three Big Data Strategies for Email Marketing
  • Featured Resource: 10 Reasons Why StrongMail Should Be on Your ESP Shortlist
  • Deliverability: The Deliverability Cost of Buying Email Lists