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Open-Time Personalization Lookbook: Shift to Contextually Relevant Messaging at the Time of Open

Email messages based solely on traditional CRM data are often out of date the moment they are sent consumers. When this happens, brands damage their relationship with consumers, who are increasingly looking for more relevant, personal, and contextual interactions. Innovative brands are overcoming this challenge by adapting email content in real-time based on ever-changing consumer and business circumstances. Explore the big brand examples in this highly visual lookbook to understand how open-time personalization can increase engagement with your email marketing campaigns.

The Rise of the Micro-Moment

What is a micro-moment? Any time you turn to an Internet-enabled device to find something, learn something, watch something, or purchase something—you are experiencing a micro-moment. Marketing for the micro-moment requires a different approach—one that understands how disparate channels work together in influencing the overall customer journey. In this guide, you'll learn how brands can benefit from understanding the impact of micro-moments on customers.

Z Marks the Spot: Get Your Brand Ready for Generation Z

Generation Z, those presently under the age of 18 and have never lived in a world without digital technology. Gen Z expects brands to anticipate their needs through technology. Marketers need to be able to keep up! The main reason why the Gen Z (also known as iGeneration) is the talk of the (marketing) town right now is simple: They're throwing a major curveball to proven marketing strategies! What's working for other generations appears not to be working for Generation Z!

Research Papers

latest research papers

Digital Transformation in the Travel Industry

Why is the travel industry expected to grow to $11.4 trillion over the next 10 years? One reason is how quickly these companies are mastering the digital transformation. Another reason is their ability to capitalize on upcoming trends such as location-based marketing and the “Experience Economy”—Millennials who desire to spend more money on memorable experiences. Learn how you can leverage emerging travel trends, plus the 7 essential needs of hyper-connected travelers.

Contextual Marketing and the New Marketing Contract

The adage of "content is king," is now outdated. Created in conjunction with the Altimeter Group, this eBook shares how context is the new king. In today’s world of the digitally savvy consumer, the connected generation is expecting more from their brands. Learn why contextual marketing is key to engaging with customers, how to engage with the connected generation, and how leading companies are leveraging new technologies to nurture lasting customer relationships.

The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Vendors, Q3 2014

StrongView is top-ranked in strategy and had the highest possible scores for categories such as queries and segmentation, campaign performance testing, dynamic content, data integration and security. Learn how the top players stack up.


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December 2015

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November 2015

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Optimizing Your Relationship Marketing Technology Stack

Optimizing Your Relationship Marketing Technology Stack

Building the right digital marketing foundation for customer centricity

The power of the marketing technology available for engaging customers with real-time contextual relevance is astounding – but most marketers struggle with how to use it effectively. The problems usually stem from internal misalignment, competing priorities, and a fragmented approach to building and automating programs. In this webinar, Jill M. Speirs, President of M2 Partners, will outline a four-step plan that digital marketers can follow to ensure that they have the right marketing technology foundation for engaging customers along today's highly dynamic customer journey.

The Warming Web

The Warming Web

Humanizing Digital Marketing for the Connected Consumer

In an effort to humanize their web experience, consumers are volunteering more information—and that's good news for forward-thinking brands. To embrace the warming web, digital marketers must strive for emotional engagement with consumers. Learn how leading brands are taking personalization to a more personal (and human) level to create meaningful customer connections.

Contextual Marketing: Beyond the Buzzword

Contextual Marketing: Beyond the Buzzword

Contextual marketing is the latest buzzword among digital marketers, but there is little clarity or consensus on what it is or why it's so valuable. Brian Solis of Altimeter Group and StrongView's Dave Frankland will set the record straight and share why contextual marketing is more than a buzzword – it's the next big thing.