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Six Data Strategies for Email Success

Making data actionable is typically a marketer's biggest headache. With an array of cross-channel initiatives the marketing team now manages, it's difficult to find the time to investigate the data. This eBook provides six proven strategies for transforming data from meaningless numbers into valuable customer insight. Learn how to effectively use the data at your fingertips to deliver more impactful campaigns.

Context Changes Everything

Contextual marketing is touted as the next “big thing” in marketing, yet no one has clearly defined it. This eBook solves that challenge with a clear and detailed explanation. Find out the factors that make up a customer's context and why a contextual understanding of consumers is critical to delivering customer-centric experiences, building stronger relationships and driving ROI.

Digital Marketer's Guide to the Top Trends of 2015

The most effective marketers of 2015 will be the ones who understand and act on the successful digital marketing trends that are leveraged today by leading brands. Showcasing real-world examples of brands that are ahead of the curve, this ebook also provides tactical advice for amplifying your marketing campaigns. Learn how cutting-edge marketing strategies are driving real results.

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Contextual Marketing and the New Marketing Contract

The adage of "content is king," is now outdated. Created in conjunction with the Altimeter Group, this eBook shares how context is the new king. In today’s world of the digitally savvy consumer, the connected generation is expecting more from their brands. Learn why contextual marketing is key to engaging with customers, how to engage with the connected generation, and how leading companies are leveraging new technologies to nurture lasting customer relationships.

The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Vendors, Q3 2014

StrongView is top-ranked in strategy and had the highest possible scores for categories such as queries and segmentation, campaign performance testing, dynamic content, data integration and security. Learn how the top players stack up.

The Rise of the Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Systems

Forrester outlines its vision for next generation Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Systems driven by a centralized technology hub that manages every interaction between the company and its customers as they progress across the customer life-cycle.


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Contextual Marketing: Beyond the Buzzword

Contextual Marketing: Beyond the Buzzword

Contextual marketing is the latest buzzword among digital marketers, but there is little clarity or consensus on what it is or why it's so valuable. Brian Solis of Altimeter Group and StrongView's Dave Frankland will set the record straight and share why contextual marketing is more than a buzzword – it's the next big thing.

Contextual Messaging in Action

Contextual Messaging in Action

Understanding and quickly responding to consumers’ constantly changing needs is the new challenge for marketers. Data provides the foundation for understanding and creating customer context. Learn what contextual messaging is and how leading marketers are leveraging customer context to transform run-of-the-mill marketing campaigns into personalized and contextually relevant customer engagements.

11 Steps to Analyze Data for Campaign Performance

11 Steps to Analyze Data for Campaign Performance

To succeed in today's rapidly evolving marketing landscape, you need to understand how to collect, analyze, and leverage the massive and varied amount of data available. A system of data analysis, usable by data novices and ninjas alike, can unlock your campaigns’ performance potential.