Digital Marketing Analyst Research Papers

Digital Marketing Analyst Research Papers

The digital marketing analyst reports featured below provide valuable data and analysis that will help you evaluate how new programs, initiatives and technologies can positively impact your business. Take advantage of independent research to gather the information you need to make informed decisions.

Digital Transformation in the Travel Industry

Why is the travel industry expected to grow to $11.4 trillion over the next 10 years? One reason is how quickly these companies are mastering the digital transformation. Another reason is their ability to capitalize on upcoming trends such as location-based marketing and the “Experience Economy”—Millennials who desire to spend more money on memorable experiences. Learn how you can leverage emerging travel trends, plus the 7 essential needs of hyper-connected travelers.

Contextual Marketing and the New Marketing Contract

The adage of "content is king," is now outdated. Created in conjunction with the Altimeter Group, this eBook shares how context is the new king. In today’s world of the digitally savvy consumer, the connected generation is expecting more from their brands. Learn why contextual marketing is key to engaging with customers, how to engage with the connected generation, and how leading companies are leveraging new technologies to nurture lasting customer relationships.

The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Vendors, Q3 2014

StrongView is top-ranked in strategy and had the highest possible scores for categories such as queries and segmentation, campaign performance testing, dynamic content, data integration and security. Learn how the top players stack up.

The Rise of the Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Systems

Forrester outlines its vision for next generation Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Systems driven by a centralized technology hub that manages every interaction between the company and its customers as they progress across the customer life-cycle.

Forrester Consulting Study: Marketing's Big Leap Forward

StrongView commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the adoption of big data technology in marketing and its benefits and challenges. The resulting research study shows how big data cloud marketing is affecting top marketer goals.

Forrester Case Study: IHG Consolidates Email and Data Management

This Forrester case study shows how InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) increased revenue by 16% and open rates by 50% by embracing right-time marketing. Learn real-world strategies and tactics for implementing a consolidated email marketing solution.

Forrester Consulting Study: The Total Economic Impact of the StrongView Platform

An independent ROI analysis from Forrester Consulting assesses the financial benefits that the company behind eToys, BabyUniverse and other popular online brands received by centralizing email marketing on StrongView.

Connected Marketing for Travel Providers: Imperative Email Marketing Tactics

This Relevancy Group study reveals top email marketing challenges for travel and hospitality industries, including improved segmentation/targeting, social media integration and deliverability. Learn key recommendations on building an integrated email marketing strategy.