Email & Cross-Channel Marketing Guides

Email & Cross-Channel Marketing Guides

StrongView has assembled a large library of instructive industry success guides and whitepapers authored by StrongView's stable of email marketing and cross-channel marketing experts. Before embarking on a major new initiative, educate yourself with proven tips and actionable advice that can help you maximize success.

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The Rise of the Micro-Moment

What is a micro-moment? Any time you turn to an Internet-enabled device to find something, learn something, watch something, or purchase something—you are experiencing a micro-moment. Marketing for the micro-moment requires a different approach—one that understands how disparate channels work together in influencing the overall customer journey. In this guide, you'll learn how brands can benefit from understanding the impact of micro-moments on customers.

Z Marks the Spot: Get Your Brand Ready for Generation Z

Generation Z, those presently under the age of 18 and have never lived in a world without digital technology. Gen Z expects brands to anticipate their needs through technology. Marketers need to be able to keep up! The main reason why the Gen Z (also known as iGeneration) is the talk of the (marketing) town right now is simple: They're throwing a major curveball to proven marketing strategies! What's working for other generations appears not to be working for Generation Z!

Six Data Strategies for Email Success

Making data actionable is typically a marketer's biggest headache. With an array of cross-channel initiatives the marketing team now manages, it's difficult to find the time to investigate the data. This eBook provides six proven strategies for transforming data from meaningless numbers into valuable customer insight. Learn how to effectively use the data at your fingertips to deliver more impactful campaigns.

Context Changes Everything

Contextual marketing is touted as the next “big thing” in marketing, yet no one has clearly defined it. This eBook solves that challenge with a clear and detailed explanation. Find out the factors that make up a customer's context and why a contextual understanding of consumers is critical to delivering customer-centric experiences, building stronger relationships and driving ROI.

Digital Marketer's Guide to the Top Trends of 2015

The most effective marketers of 2015 will be the ones who understand and act on the successful digital marketing trends that are leveraged today by leading brands. Showcasing real-world examples of brands that are ahead of the curve, this ebook also provides tactical advice for amplifying your marketing campaigns. Learn how cutting-edge marketing strategies are driving real results.

7 Email and Cross-Channel Innovations That Work

Today’s leading marketers are rapidly evolving their email and cross-channel tactics to meet increasing consumer demands. Are you keeping up? Download this Success Guide to see the top 7 tactics that are driving results now, including automation, responsive design techniques and more.

14 Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies for 2014

As a marketer, you are challenged to keep pace with your customers - and they're moving fast! Don’t get left behind before the year starts. Download this cross-channel marketing strategy guide and find out what you need to know to be an effective present tense marketer.

Mobile Optimization

Nearly 2 out of every 3 emails is now viewed on some type of mobile device. With 80% of consumers having trouble viewing emails on mobile devices, and almost the same percentage deleting ones which don’t display correctly, marketers must catch up with the pace of mobile consumption.

RFP Strategies for Choosing Your Next Cross-Channel Email Marketing Service Provider

Visit enough ESP websites, and they all begin to sound the same. Boost Revenue? Check. Increase Engagement? Check. Improve Deliverability? Check. But if you're an advanced marketer with goals to exceed consumer expectations, you need more than a standard ESP.

10 Reasons StrongView Should Be on Your Shortlist for Cross-Channel Marketing

If data integration challenges, limited functionality and high costs are hampering your cross-channel email marketing efforts, you should take a few short minutes to learn how StrongView’s unique approach can help.

10 Warning Signs You Need Better Marketing Analytics

Meeting rising consumer expectations requires the ability to understand and respond to customer needs in real-time - a task that most legacy marketing analytics tools can’t perform. Download this Success Guide to learn about new tools that allow marketers to capture, understand and act on all their data feeds to drive more effective customer engagements.

A Practical Guide to Modern Marketing Analytics

Marketers are learning how the promise of big data for digital marketing can help them understand individual customer context and channel that context into highly targeted and relevant communications. Download this guide to simplify the future of Big Data-Marketing Analytics and what you can do to prepare, today.

The Future of Marketing Analytics Technology

Marketers have long sought to leverage all customer data to increase the performance of campaigns. But until recently, access to these digital footprints has been limited. Download this guide to understand how modern marketing analytics technologies are evolving and what you must do to generate insights that drive measurable results.

Proven Tactical Methods for Email Campaign Success

Marketer's spend a lot of time and resources on the quest to deliver flawless email campaigns with the hopes to rise above the competition. Get your campaign past the clutter and into a first place slot, with these proven tactical methods.

7 Essential Lifecycle Marketing Programs for Email Marketers

Using customer data to drive campaign performance is always about building deeper, more substantial relationships with customers. Understanding their lifecycle stage is the first step to strengthening your communications. Use this Success Guide to take your email campaigns to the next level with lifecycle segmentation.

22 Quick Tips for Better Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely dynamic discipline that changes constantly with the introduction of new technologies, regulations and consumer behavior. Download this whitepaper to get the latest expert advice and fresh new ideas for maximizing the ROI of your email marketing programs.

The Right-Time Email Marketing Playbook

According to Gartner, marketers can boost performance by 600% over traditional outbound campaigns with event-triggered tactics. Learn the strategy, processes and technology needed to implement a right-time email marketing program and significantly improve your bottom line.

The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide: Welcome Programs

Gartner reports that marketers using event-triggered, lifecycle-focused messages can expect a 600% increase in email performance compared to traditional batch-and-blast campaigns. Welcome programs represent the first chance to engage a brand’s growing audience and set the stage for a mutually rewarding subscriber relationship.

The Ultimate Email Lifecycle Marketing Guide: Event-Triggered Alerts

Event-triggered alerts enable marketers to effectively engage in-market customers who have demonstrated active interest by signing up to receive in-stock notifications, price drops or other real-time alerts. The relevancy and timing inherent with these messages result in conversions that average 2X to 6X higher than standard broadcast emails.

The Ultimate Email Lifecycle Marketing Guide: Cross & Up-Sell Programs

More than 60% of marketers squandered the incremental sales opportunities afforded them by their own email lists during the 2011 Holiday Season, according to a recent StrongView survey. Why? Nearly half of respondents cited barriers related to customer data integration or lack of resources.

The Ultimate Email Lifecycle Marketing Guide: Cart Abandonment Programs

75% of online shoppers abandon their cart, but spend 55% more when they return as a result of an effective cart abandonment program. In this detailed whitepaper you will learn proven strategies for implementing, testing and optimizing an effective cart abandonment program.

The Ultimate Email Lifecycle Marketing Guide: Post-Purchase Programs

Industry studies have proven the effectiveness of post-purchase programs, but many marketers have yet to adopt them. Beyond their sheer revenue-generating potential, post-purchase communications deepen customer involvement across multiple channels, build loyalty and improve brand reputation.

The Ultimate Email Lifecycle Marketing Guide: Reengagement Programs

Marketers know that acquiring new customers is more expensive than generating sales from existing ones, which makes it tempting to continue sending offers to unengaged users. However, with ISPs filtering on engagement, marketers must adapt to avoid having their deliverability affected by non-responders.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Guidebook: Increasing Subscriber Engagement

Increasing subscriber engagement is a top priority for email marketers in 2011 as ISPs begin to change the Inbox experience. Learn how leading brands capture attention and increase engagement.

Using Social Data to Win at Email Marketing

The perpetually connected customer expects brands to treat them with the 'V.I.P.' experience. This means brand marketers must utilize data from various channels to deliver that experience and grow brand affinity less they risk losing customers to competitors who live up to their expectations.

The New Gmail Inbox Tabs

With the introduction of Gmail’s new tabbed inbox, marketers are scrambling to discover how this evolution will impact their email marketing efforts. Download this Success Guide to get actionable insights into how this new era of automated inbox curation will impact your email marketing and what you can do to prepare for it.

The Essential Guide for Centralizing Customer Email

Analyst research has validated the importance of coordinating email across departments to avoid alienating customers through over-mailing, uncoordinated messages and inconsistent branding. Learn the business and technical drivers for email centralization and how to create a winning strategy.

How Daily Deal Sites Capitalize On Email Marketing

With over 650 daily deal sites in the US alone, these sites are fighting for consumer mindshare and need to focus on building consumer loyalty in order to stay on top. Learn how to maximize engagement, increase conversions and incent repeat purchases.

Put the Action in Transactional Email

Transforming your service-based messages into revenue opportunities is easier and less expensive than you think – with the right strategy and infrastructure solution. Learn best practices and how to get started.

Open-Time Personalization Lookbook: Shift to Contextually Relevant Messaging at the Time of Open

Email messages based solely on traditional CRM data are often out of date the moment they are sent consumers. When this happens, brands damage their relationship with consumers, who are increasingly looking for more relevant, personal, and contextual interactions. Innovative brands are overcoming this challenge by adapting email content in real-time based on ever-changing consumer and business circumstances. Explore the big brand examples in this highly visual lookbook to understand how open-time personalization can increase engagement with your email marketing campaigns.