Email and Cross-Channel Marketing Webinar Series

Archived Webinars: June 2011

New Strategies & Tools for Multi-channel Acquisition Marketing

How to acquire new customers and turn them into your biggest brand advocates

Event Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 12:48 PM PT
Presenters: Tal Nathan, VP of Client Services, StrongView
Jordan Cohen, VP of Business Development, Pontiflex
Length: 48 minutes

As consumers shift their media consumption habits, marketers must evolve their new customer acquisition strategies to encompass proven and emerging channels including email, social and mobile. Traditional acquisition methods are also evolving to embrace these new channels and transcend the limitations of first generation affiliate marketing and co-registration.

Hear from Tal Nathan, Vice President of Client Services at StrongView, and Jordan Cohen, Vice President of Business Development for Pontiflex, as they detail case studies from leading companies and outline the strategies, tools and technologies needed to acquire new customers, nurture them via social CRM and then mobilize that base of advocates to continuously feed your customer acquisition funnel.


Key things you will learn:

  • Proven strategies for growing your customer base
  • How to acquire new customers using email, social media and mobile
  • The evolution of word-of mouth referral programs and co-registration
  • Strategies for identifying your most influential brand advocates
  • Actual results from successful campaigns, including strategy overviews and creative samples