Reach, Engage and Influence
Your Target Audience

StrongView enables marketers to leverage three of the most powerful communication channels today to achieve their customer acquisition, retention and loyalty objectives: email marketing, mobile marketing and social media. Our multichannel marketing solutions range from industry-leading email marketing, transactional email, lifecycle marketing, mobile and viral marketing technology to powerful social media marketing solutions and services that enable marketers to effectively leverage this new channel for expanding reach and revenue. Explore our offerings to find a multichannel marketing solution that’s right for you.

Email Marketing Solutions

StrongView’s email and cross-channel marketing solutions empower marketers to drive the highest value from their marketing programs. Our wide range of solutions combine StrongView’s industry-leading platform and drag-and-drop cross-channel lifecycle marketing functionality with the strategic and deliverability expertise to drive conversions, increase brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction.

Word-of-Mouth Acquisition Solutions

StrongView's word-of-mouth acquisition solutions enable marketers to leverage their biggest brand influencers to expand their reach to new audiences. By combining multi-channel sharing capabilities with detailed multi-stage sharing reporting and integrated reward and fulfillment functionality, StrongView makes it easy for marketers to launch fully branded referral marketing programs that can track performance all the way to the conversion.

Social Media Solutions

StrongView’s social media solutions were developed with a direct marketer’s perspective in mind. Our products enable marketers to launch direct-response campaigns into social media and reach and identify key brand influencers across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Every social media product enables you to analyze and track campaign performance all the way through to the conversion so you can truly understand the business impact of your social media efforts.

Transactional Email Solutions

StrongView’s transactional email solutions enable marketers to take control of the branding, content and promotional elements of event-triggered email marketing, such as order confirmations and shipping notices. A straight-forward integration with existing data sources and applications allows StrongView to efficiently assemble and immediately deliver fully branded and personalized messages that properly reflect customer preferences, purchase history and previous interactions with your brand.