Social Media Solutions

Take a measurable
approach to social media marketing

Effective social media marketing relies on gaining access to metrics; however, most social media marketing solutions today focus on awareness metrics that have their roots in advertising (e.g. number of impressions and increased reach). StrongView has taken a different approach by enabling all of its social media marketing solutions to track conversions in addition to reach and awareness metrics. This enables marketers to understand the true impact that each social media campaign contributes to key business objectives, such as driving revenue, subscriptions or downloads.

StrongView's social media marketing solutions provide professional marketers with the ability to apply proven direct marketing principles to their social media efforts.

With StrongView social media marketing solutions, you can:

  • Understand the business value of your followers and fans
  • Identify, target and easily launch campaigns to key influencers and brand advocates
  • Increase the reach of your existing marketing programs
  • Drive results and track campaign performance through to the conversion
  • Clearly understand what works and what doesn't

Social Media Products and Services

Social Direct™

Social Direct is a social media publishing solution that helps marketers monetize their investments in social channels. With Social Direct, you can launch direct response campaigns into Twitter and Facebook that are targeted, trackable and measurable.

  • Manage, launch and track multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Track performance all the way to the conversion from one interface
  • Create groups of multiple profiles for posting and tracking simplicity
  • Schedule delivery of time-sensitive, sequential or other critical messages

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Social Notes®

Enable website visitors and email subscribers to share branded content across the top social networks, blogs and email. Use this social sharing tool to quickly view the most popular content, top social sharing channels and other key metrics, all with a versatile solution that can be launched in minutes with no programming.

  • View key performance metrics (opens/views, clicks and conversions) in real time
  • Maintain control of the user experience with a self-contained sharing tool
  • Identify your most popular content and sharing channels
  • Extend your reach via the most popular social networks, Twitter, blogs and email

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Social StrongStart

Get expert guidance when developing your social media marketing strategy (PDF) and learn proven strategies for monetizing the social web by identifying, motivating and tracking the behaviors of advocates and influencers within your current customer base.

  • Understand preferred social networks, online activities and demographic data
  • Review your current social footprint and the tone of brand conversations
  • Identify the most effective incentives for facilitating viral sharing behavior
  • Improve existing online marketing programs with social media and viral content
  • Leverage your customers' "social graph" to reach like-minded consumers

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